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There are currently four generations of the Chown family living on Hope Farm, also on site is the other family business, Chown China Ltd, which for 30 years has been producing decorated mugs and tableware for clients across the world.

The farm itself has grown everything  from daffodils to Broccoli, but in 2017 , we were told that the ground wasn't fertile enough for crops, so we turned everything to grass.

The idea to open a campsite had been discussed for many years, and had been explored in some detail, but a family wedding  (with camping) and the realisation that we needed to diversify and use the land we have,  pushed us into opening  in 2018 for 4 weeks.  

In 2019 we joined up with Freedom Camping and with their support opened our doors for the summer,  we also decided to explore human  composting in more detail and took courses at the Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales. 


Now after being closed in 2020, we are open with a  much larger solar water system, and plans for the next stage of eco toilets, a cafe / takeaway, and glamping pods.

Every member of the family has helped build the campsite, from the grandchildren helping to plant, to great-grandparents fixing signs and providing invaluable advice about the wild flowers growing in the field.

We try to re-use and recycle wherever possible, all our solar panels, tanks and sinks are recycled, the majority of the machinery in the pottery is second hand and has been loving restored to working printing machines. We are  now moving into areas of printing where kilns are not required to fire, and we try to re-use everything whenever we can.

We feel we are privileged to be custodians of the family land and wish to look after it as best we can.

Stewart and Debbie Chown